(For all 1.352 of you who actually care)


01/22/16 - Migrated DNS and mail to Linode VPS running CentOS 7.

09/10/14 - Migrated adiemus.org into virtualization. Left it on CentOS 5 for now. Will likely skip directly to CentOS 7 at some point, but no rush.

02/22/10 - Upgraded the hardware and software, after postponing it for FAR too long. (The previous hardware is nearly 10 years old)

New config:

10/31/05 - Back from the second summer trip to SCU. (Well, really it ended up being in the fall, got postponed so many times...) Anyway, I did a major software upgrade on adiemus as most of you are probably aware. I took it from RedHat 9.0 to CentOS 4.2. The upgrade was really overdue. It's not actually finished yet, as there is still functionality that I've not yet checked, fixed, and/or reenabled from before. If any of that affects you, please let me know via e-mail/IM/IRC and I'll see what I can do.

On the homefront, I've migrated aqua from OS X to Fedora Core 4. OS X was just running too slowly for my taste and I couldn't justify keeping the box if I wasn't actually using it. Now it makes a great firewall monitor, and with Fedora finally working on ppc, I don't have to deal with multiple distros.

Oh, I also got to take home one of the brand new, decked out Sun Blade 2500s. They're awesome systems, though the fact that it draws a max of 8A is somewhat concerning from a running cost standpoint. :-) I plan to put Solaris 10 on it so I can a) get more familiar with Solaris, and b) figure out how we're going to integrate Solaris 10 into our environment at work. Specs are:

Oh, and we moved to Gurnee, IL and bought a house. :-)

05/02/05 - Well, I'm back from the spring trip. (Been back for a while now actually) Got 'nova' my SunBlade 150 up and running on Solaris 10. Man this system is slow. Even screen updates are slow. I really hope the Blade 2500s fix the interface speed issues. Then again, perhaps there's something I can do to fix it. Still haven't had a chance to play with D-Trace on it yet, but I will.

Of course the bigger news is my laptop. I currently call it 'delltest' but that'll change eventually. Work paid for it, and we went all out:

Oh and by way of making up the horrible server room fiasco of the past summer, HP gave us an iPaq hx4700, which I got to keep. It's a nice little PDA. Unfortunately Linux won't run on it... yet. :-)

Oh, and I moved my old laptop (darkc) whose onboard PS2 keyboard controller died, into the kitchen to power our new mythbox there. That way we can consult Good Eats episodes when we're cooking, instead of having to run out into the living room. MythTV's network feature is quite nice.

Pics of all four can be found here.

02/08/05 - Well, I'm back from the December SCU trip. While you wouldn't notice, adiemus has been moved into it's 4U rack-mount case. It wasn't cheap, (coming to just over $450 with shipping) but it's quite roomy inside and should last for quite some time.

Right now, the plan is to migrate to a dual-opteron setup sometime next summer. The new case has the capability to support hot-swappable drives, so I'll be looking at adding those as well. (Probably still sticking to RAID1 for simplicity of upgrading)

Seems I'll be getting a Sun Blade 150 from work for testing. Should be fun. Don't have too much experience with Solaris in-depth, so it'll be nice to have a Solaris box I can break. Then there's Solaris 10 with DTrace, which I'm most interested in playing with. I guess I should start trying to come up with a name for it.

09/20/04 - Back from the summer SCU trip. Not much done directly to adiemus, but a lot that impacts it. We rebuilt the server room, which means that adiemus is now on an IP KVM, as well as some remotely-controlled power outlets. This means it's possible for me to maintain adiemus (and the other systems at work) if anything keeps it from booting onto the network. Part of the project involved installing new racks in the server room. Right now adiemus is still in it's old tower case, but next time I go out, it'll be moved into a new rack-mountable case in which it will hopefully spend the next several years.

As for my other systems, I've renamed the *old* zaphod box to "erdos" and relegated it to simply monitoring the firewall at work. It seems to kernel oops every day or two now, and I still can't figure out why. It looks like bad memory but every time I run memtest86, I get no errors. One of these days I'll strip it down till I figure out what's causing the issue.

In erdos's place, the new "zaphod" is the HP xw4100 I got from work. It's a very nice system and has been quite stable. It's got a single HT P4 3GHz, which is close to SMP but still not quite as nice as *real* SMP.

Oh, and I've ditched hydro (the SGI) as it was developing some sort of video issue and I really had no need for it anymore.

04/25/04 - We're back from the SCU trip. Didn't fix anything in adiemus except the CD-ROM drive. (Dan had replaced the power supply when the first one died.) The reason for this is simple. It was working fine as it was. I enabled DMA, expecting it to die like it had in April, but no. It was quite happy through some serious load, so I've elected to leave it for now. Anyway, the pics of the exploded PWS are the first six here. Oddly, the CD-ROM drive had stuck closed. Really. No pushing, pulling, or prodding could convince it to open. I took it apart and did manage to get it open, but it seemed to have developed a physical fault whereby getting the door open would require manually disassembly every time. (Hence the replacement)

At this point, I'm planning to do a major upgrade to adiemus this summer. That will let me get more and better things for it, to hopefully keep it running smoothly for years to come. BTW, if you're curious to see what adiemus.org looks like on the inside, click here, here, or here. (It's really rather bare.)

Oh, and somehow I managed not to document the upgraded motherboard that I put into zaphod to replace the finnicky Tyan Tiger MP (S2460). It was several months ago now, so I don't remember the exact date, but it's an MSI K7D Master (MS-6501). It's been much more stable than the Tyan, though sadly it has recently begun hanging randomly, in much the same way the Tyan did. :-/

Oh, and I've got smokeping set up on minos, so you can see pretty graphs of latency to various points around the globe.

03/23/04 - Well, I'm in the process of switching ISPs at the moment. Well, I've pretty much already done so, but I've not yet canceled my DSL service. Arialink broadband put 802.11b access points in every building in our apartment complex. They offer 2.4Mbit down/512Kbit up for the same cost as the 960Kbit down/256Kbit up DSL I was getting from ACD.net. So I've switched, hopefully for good. (At the moment, I'm still technically "evaluating" the new wireless service, but so far I'm quite happy with it)

Oh, and I've also finally got cacti set up for the office network. You can see the pretty graphs here.

Earlier this month, adiemus.org suffered some sort of power supply failure. It's currently running on a borrowed PWS and for some reason cannot enable DMA without hard locking. As a result, I'll be replacing at least the PWS and mobo when I next travel out to SCU.

01/21/04 - Just finished building our new Home Theater PC. It's quite nice. Here are the vital stats:

pics are up at: http://gallery.adiemus.org/pics/2004/Winter/HTPC/

Oh, and the new HP is on the way. Which will bring the grand total up to 11 (12 if you count the switch).

01/06/04 - Well, lots new:

08/30/03 - Ok, RAID is a good thing. Lost the first disk in the hda mirror a couple weeks ago. After limping along in a bad state (with running apps messed up due to using swap on the dead disk, and being unable to boot the box, with the BIOS looking to hda to boot) I've installed two new drives into adiemus.org, removing both old ones. (The one old drive that still works will be reused in my home multimedia server.) So now we have 120GB in a RAID1 mirror. As of right now it's still running RedHat-7.2, but I plan to upgrade to RedHat-9.0 sometime this week while I'm still in town.

Oh, and in other news, I've brought monastery out to Michigan with me. Currently it's sitting dormant, but I'll resurrect it one of these days. (For those of you who don't know, monastery was the box that first housed lucidsoft.org)

Oh, and I'm married. :-)

02/08/03 - Well, it's been a while since I've updated this so let me bring everyone up to speed.

adiemus.org is now running 2x 80GB drives RAID1 rather than RAID5. (This after an unsuccessful attempt to solve an intermittent crashing problem that turned out to be bad RAM)

minos's motherboard died. (This was the original adiemus motherboard. The first I ever owned.) Replacing just the motherboard was more expensive than just getting a new mobo+proc so I bought a Gigabyte GA-7ZXE with a 1.33GHz Athlon for $105.

I've added three more machines into the family since the last update:




I've got also Apache::Gallery up and running at http://gallery.adiemus.org. So you can see all my various and sundry pictures.

12/5/01 - Well, the upgrades are complete, and of course, they have been for some time now since nobody reads this anyway but me when I'm really bored. Anyway, here's how all the chips ended up falling once the dust cleared:


zaphod.adiemus.org minos.adiemus.org darkc.adiemus.org (Didn't really get touched, but don't want it to feel left out)

Wow, doesn't really seem like much until I list it all...and that's not even counting the boxen I'm long term loaning from work...maybe I should get a life?


Oh, and I've got some new pics up. Updated ones of my dorm which look a lot like the pics from last year because it's the same dorm. I've also finally gotten some general pics of the campus up. Now you can see why tuition is so high here. (All those palm trees are expensive to water...) Oh, and finally I've gotten some pictures of the Design Center up so you can all see where it is I work. (And where adiemus.org lives now)

09/05/2001 - Well, I'm back from my trip to the Doulos and man was it awesome. (But that's another story)

Anyway, I'm also back at SCU and more importantly, still working at the Design Center. And guess what, at this point I'm looking at staying here, at least for the time being. That's another long story, but the main thrust of it is that adiemus.org isn't going anywhere for the time being.

Well, it's fall so I'm planning the 2nd Annual "Upgrade As Much Of My Hardware As Possible For under $1k" event. At the moment, the plan is looking something like this:

New Hardware:


Basically, in the end this leaves zaphod as a dual 1.2GHz AthlonMP box, with 2 heads, 1GB of RAM and 40GB of disk space. adiemus.org becomes a 900MHz Athlon T-Bird with 768MB RAM, and 80GB of software RAID5 storage. And finally, I get a third machine to use as minos, the firewall for my desk network, which last year was a machine borrowed from the Design Center. (The machine from last year will be donated to the ship shortly)

In all, not bad for under (well, just over with shipping and tax) $1k. And I'm still going to suck at Q3 and T2.

05/10/01 - Ok, this was done quite a while ago, but it turns out that the FIC-2013 mobo only supports up to 128MB DIMMS. So the 256, while perfectly functional, could only be seen as 128. Anyway, to pay for my stupidity ("no, I don't need to check the specs, I'm *sure* it can do 256") I bought a 128 and gave the 256MB to a friend. (It's only PC100, so I'm not going to put it into zaphod)

I really need to take new pictures of my desk. It looks quite a bit different than the pics from the fall. I've added the AP, moved adiemus into the server room at work, and added 3 new boxes. (A new sparc, a firewall, and my OM Linux test server.)

03/14/2001 - Got the RAM, the UPS, and my Access Point. :-) Unfortunately, the RAM is only showing up as 128MB. (Stupid, cheap RAM) Oh well, that puts adiemus up to 256MB with zaphod and darkc. (minos is at 224 and monastery is at 48, and neither of them are going to change any time soon)

Oh, and I've got multimon GL up and running. (And have for some time now, actually) Have a look, if you're interested.

03/08/2001 - I ordered a 256MB PC100 DIMM for adiemus today. Once it gets here, adiemus'll be up to 384MB. I also ordered that cool D-Link Wireless Access Point, and a small UPS for zaphod. (What with the power emergency and all... :-) Horray for high-tech toys!

12/10/00 - Well, the transformation is complete, and has been for some time now. adiemus is a purely dedicated server, now that zaphod is up and running. (Very nicely, I might add) For pics of both (wow, computers on the floor) have a look in here. For the rest of Christmas break, however, adiemus.org is housed here at work in the server room. (Hence the IP change, for all none of you who actually pay attention to these things)

Again, for those who really care, zaphod is now fully functional. Specs are:

Yes, it runs dual head. I finally got both heads working in linux right before I left for break, and as you can see it's rather pretty. (No GL however, as NVidia's drivers don't work with multiple GeForce2's as of 0.95)

10/13/00 - Well, I got almost all of adiemus.org's upgrades today.  The only missing piece is the new 300W power supply.  For those of you who care about this sort of thing, the new specs are:

At the moment, I also happen to be testing out the dual-head capabilities of XFree86 4.0.1 on adiemus.  (Which accounts for its frequent ups and downs today)  As you can see, I've got xinerama running nicely on two 17in monitors.  When zaphod, my new box, shows up, adiemus will revert to being headless, and will complete its transformation into a purely dedicated server.